Jamie Brock


Eastern Canada Sales Representative

I was born and raised on a hog and cash crop farm near Exeter, Ontario.

My wife and I have two young children and we continue to live in the area.

Seventeen years ago, our family switched to chicken farming, broiler

breeders specifically.



This was a new role for us as the acquired farm was a large corporate operation with numerous barns and employees.

After a rocky start, we pulled through and have now rebuilt the operation a little closer to home.

The original barns were no less than 45km away. The breeder business like any livestock business, has challenges.


Bio-security and food safety are top priorities not to mention sustainability.

The BIOvator composter was on our radar because there were risks associated with our previous method of deadstock disposal.

The BIOvator could also be used to compost our cull eggs.

Our farm produces about 400lb of deadstock and egg waste daily. We bought the largest vessel 3 years ago and have had success with it ever since.


I was immediately offered a dealer position at Nioex Systems Inc, manufacturer of the BIOvator.

They needed someone in Ontario and Eastern Canada and who better to help sell composters than a fellow who loads one regularly?

Well that was a good theory but all new ventures take time to get rolling.


I am proud to say that approximately 70 BIOvators have been sold into Ontario since I started and that compliments the other 30 or so that

were sold before me.

One hundred operations in Ontario are enjoying the many benefits of a BIOvator composter. Dairy cows, hogs, sheep and poultry are getting

loaded and the end result is a pathogen free soil amendment.



Thanks to all of my customers and to those just visiting the site for the first time.



Nioex Systems Inc. offers environmentally and socially acceptable solutions for organic waste disposal. Our mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective environmental solutions for organic waste disposal,

via our flagship product, the BIOvator ™

in-vessel composter.




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