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The BIOvatorTM is a continuous process for 100% of your facility’s organic waste

or barn mortalities, right on your own site and under your full control.

After the initial investment, the annual cost to operate the BIOvatorTM is minimal,

making it less costly than other waste management options. In many cases,

the BIOvatorTM is an eligible product for subsidy under the Canadian National Farm

Stewardship Program, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

“The payback ended up being barely over two years.”

Kent Paustian, Paustian Enterprises


Environmentally friendly


BIOvatorTM eliminates leaching and ground contamination, recycles barn air when used with

a cold climate hoarding system, reuses finished compost to replace part of new shavings,

and reduces energy consumption.

“We are convinced that we made the right decision in mortality management…

I would recommend using a BIOvatorTM to anyone.”

Dennis Stevenson, product manager, Sunnydale Farms


Year-round, highly automated functioning

The BIOvatorTM is easy to operate. Simply load organic waste and/or carcasses and shavings into the vessel, turn it on for a few hours daily, and let nature do the rest for you. This reduces employee-operating time to achieve the desired composting results. It operates year round, eliminating the challenge of winter composting.

“…it’s just become a much more pleasant operation in dealing with the unpleasant side of livestock production.”

Mike Heppell, E and H Farms



Third party pick-ups always carry risk of cross-contamination – the BIOvatorTM allows you to control your mortalities on-site, eliminating

the risk of disease in your healthy animals. The mortalities are fully enclosed, so you will virtually eliminate intrusion of wildlife,

insects, and rodents.

“I no longer depend on off farm dead stock pick-up, which I feel has definitely improved the biosecurity of my operation. ”

Ted Neufeld, T & D Neufeld Farms


Fast and effective

The BIOvatorTM is a continuous operation where waste is processed into compost in 4 to 14 days, compared to traditional composting methods which can take up to a year. You greatly reduce risk of disease-causing organisms and odour. And it uses half the shavings

required for bin composting.

“Anything that dies here, we compost it. We compost everything on the farm from the weanling pigs after birth to the 500 and 600 pound sows to any of the other gilts in the operation.”

Henry Moore, operator, Bobcat Farms


High quality compost

As a bonus, the BIOvatorTM produces high and consistent quality compost that can be used as a soil enhancer, fertilizer,

bedding material, and to control soil erosion of lagoon banks.




The BIOvatorTM was the brainchild of the R&D staff at The Puratone Corporation based out of Niverville, Manitoba Canada. Puratone is one of Canada’s largest Pork producers, with operations throughout Western Canada and affiliates in North Central USA. Mortality disposal has always been a challenge for livestock producers, and rendering has historically been the option of choice. With bio-security issues on the rise and the cost of transport becoming an economic issue, Puratone set out to find an alternative.


Read more about the history of the BIOvator on the Nioex site.

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Design Features

The BIOvatorTM is a patented all-steel design, ensuring optimal functionality

and longevity. An ideal combination of carbon and stainless steel make

it a durable and affordable investment.


Our current BIOvatorTM models have the capacity to handle up to 500 lbs. of organic

waste or mortality per day, requiring only .05 ft3 of shavings per each pound of waste.

This amounts to approximately 3,500 lbs. per week, or 182,000 lbs. of organic waste per year.

And with the option of having multiple units on a site, our BIOvatorTM models can handle

any amount of organic waste.


  • 4 ft diameter x 30-42 ft long insulated vessel with stainless steel shell, other sizes available.
  • Two loading doors 7.5’ x 2’, inspection openings and one 18” discharge opening.
  • Stainless steel paddles mounted on the inside vessel walls.
  • Galvanized steel skid, with heavy-duty nylon rollers supporting the vessel.
  • Driving system: 1 hp motor – 110 V, 2 gear boxes, heavy duty bearing, sprocket and chain.

Nioex Systems Inc. offers environmentally and socially acceptable solutions for organic waste disposal. Our mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective environmental solutions for organic waste disposal,

via our flagship product, the BIOvator ™

in-vessel composter.




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